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Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Address: 12, Navoiy str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 100011
Phones: +998 (71) 241-1691, +998 (71) 244-1033

The Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been established by the Council of the People’s Commissars of Turkistan since December 9, 1917.

Regulations and structure of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan have been approved by the Resolution of Council of the Ministers of Uzbek SSR № 23 dated January 19, 1970 and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan " On improvement of management in the public health system in the Republic of Uzbekistan " №18 dated January 14, 1999.

Functions and rights

The main tasks of the Ministry are as follows:

  • realization of state policy ensuring preservation and improvement of health of the population, formation of conditions for growth of healthy generation, development of preventive public health services, wide popularization of healthy lifestyle;
  • insurance of realization of the constitutional rights of the citizens to receive qualified health services, level and quality of the medical - sanitary aid to the population guaranteed by the state, equal access of the population to all kinds of medical services;
  • realization of the reformation Concept of public health system, development of non government sector of public health services, private medical practice and creation of a market for medical services;
  • creation of normative -legal base for reforms of the sector, development and creation of conditions for realization of the target programs on development of public health services;
  • organization and strengthening the system of emergency medical aid at all levels of public health services management;
  • development of a strategy and forecasting of development of medical science based on a combination of domestic experience and best world achievements; improvement of the efficiency of scientific medical researches; introduction of achievements of science, engineering and advanced experience into the practice of public health services;
  • improvement of the efficiency of budget allocation use directed to protection of health of the population;
  • attraction of non budgetary funds, foreign investments and international organizations’ funds for financing target programs and capacity building of public health services, insurance of the gradual transition of medical institutions to a self-financing basis; development and introduction of health insurance;
  • creation of a system of the regulations and standards in the field of public health services, including medical aid, manufacture and use of medicines, medical products, and conducting an observance control;
  • insurance of a sanitary – epidemiological well-being, and together with organizations concerned, protection of territory of the republic from delivery and dissemination of quarantine and highly dangerous infections;
  • development of a system of higher and secondary medical education and international relations; application of foreign experience and world standards in the field of public health services.

The Ministry in accordance with its main tasks carries out the following:

  • takes measures on disease prevention, medical aid, physical inability, and medical examination;
  • carries out a control over providing a timely qualified and qualitative medical aid to the population by medical institutions, and also persons engaged into the private medical practice;
  • sets the quality standards and cost normative for medical services for institutions of public health services, issues licenses and conducts certification of medical and pharmaceutical activity;
  • studies the needs, develops balances of a supply and demand of medicine and disinfections means, immune and biological preparations and other products for medical purpose;
  • carries out a work on prevention of infectious and not infectious, parasitic diseases, as well as of occupational diseases originating from an adverse influence of environmental factors and work activity;
  • participates in realization of programs of medical and social aid to families, mothers, children, and other persons;
  • develops and approves sanitary norms, rules, hygienic specifications; carries out a state sanitary compliance supervision;, and provides a methodical guidance to sanitary – epidemiological institutions irrespective of their departmental subordination;
  • improves a system of financing of public health services with ensuring a gradual transition of a free service provision to a payment based service provision and introduction of health insurance;
  • carries out a work on attraction of foreign investments, international organizations’ financing and funds for development of public health services system;
  • develops proposals on denationalization, privatization of the enterprises, institutions and organizations of public health services and participates in implementation processes;
  • in the field of personnel training:
  • supervises over the activity of higher and secondary medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions; provides financing and activity control;
  • defines the nomenclature of specialities in the system of public health services, carries out selection of the staff for the Ministry nomenclature;
  • in the field of management of public health services:
  • develops and carries out measures on improvement of the structure of subordinated institutions, organizations and enterprises;
  • carries out a methodical guidance and control over the activity of bodies of administration of public health services on places;
  • organizes a drafting the programs for development of capacity building of public health services, construction of a new, and reconstruction and modernization of existing organizations and institutions of the sector;
  • in the field of scientific and technical progress:
    ensures a development of scientific - medical researches and enhancement of their efficiency;
  • introduction of achievements of science, engineering and advanced experience into medical practice;
  • carries out an examination of the results of scientific researches, acts as a client to institutions, organizations, including Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan for a scientific researches on important and actual issues of public health;
  • in the field of foreign economic relations:
    develops and expands economic relations with foreign countries to solve major sector development issues;
  • organizes international events (symposiums, conferences, exhibitions and etc.);
  • organizes a training of experts in leading foreign research centers;
  • represents the republic in the international and interstate organizations of public health;
  • publishes in prescribed order and provides divisions of the Ministry with scientific, methodological literature and information. Carries out other activities in accordance with the legislation.

In accordance with given tasks the Ministry is empowered to:

  • submit to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan proposals on development, reforming and improvement of administration of the public health; capacity building of medical institutions; preparation of the qualified medical staff; ensuring social protection of employees of the public health services;
  • request and receive in prescribed order from management bodies and local state authority, enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of form of ownership information necessary for implementation of the tasks assigned to the Ministry;
  • consider issues concerning the competence of the Ministry during the Board sessions from the of heads of the enterprises, institutions and organizations public health system irrespective of their organizational and legal form and departmental subordination;
  • submit for the consideration of the Republican Emergency Anti-epidemiological Commission within the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan issues related to sanitary – epidemiological situation in the Republic of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries;
  • use non-budgetary funds to stimulate effective work of the employees;
  • carry out publishing activities;
  • attract on a contractual basis scientific institutions, scientists and experts, including foreign specialists for consideration of problems concerning Ministry’s jurisdiction;
  • analyze and provide assessment of the activity of private public health service companies, including joint ventures; monitor the compliance with requirements of the medical and sanitary standards and quality of medical services rendered to the population;
  • carry out foreign trade activities and open foreign currency accounts in banks and other credit institutions in the order established by the legislation; abolish the orders of subordinated institutions issued in violation of existing legislation.
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