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State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection

Address: 5, Mustakillik square, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 100159
Phones: +998 (71) 239-1171, +998 (71) 239-1494

State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection has been established by the Decree of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Uzbek SSR dated April 15, 1988.

Regulations on the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection have been approved by the Resolution of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On approval of the Regulations of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection” № 232-1 dated April 26, 1996.

Organizational structure of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection has been approved by the Resolution of Council of Ministers of Uzbek SSR dated August 29, 1988.

Main functions and rights

According to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan №405-II dated 30.09.2002, Goskompriroda conducts the state control over:

  • а) composition of ecosystems, natural genetic fund, biological balance of pollution sources of atmosphere, surface and underground water, soil, flora (including forests) and water biological objects, living environment of wild animals;
  • b) observance and execution by the legal and physical persons of the legislation concerning:
  • adherence to the determined limits and specifications of maximum level of permissible emissions (wastes) of polluting substances; coordinating measures on reduction of these emissions (wastes) down to required levels;
  • ecological specifications, standards and requirements during dislocation, engineering, construction and putting into service of new and reconstructed enterprises and other objects;
  • requirements on environment protection from pollution, contamination and exhaustion; comprehensive and full utilization of natural resources during minerals mining process, conducting explosive works, locating and operation of waste storage facilities, waste banks, and dumps;
  • requirements on environment protection during transportation, storage and application of chemical on plants protection, growth stimulators, mineral fertilizers, other chemical substances and preparations;
  • norms and rules of development of deposits of minerals;
  • regulation of fishery, protection of fish resources, use and reproduction, stimulation of fishery;
  • c) implementation of programs and tasks on environment protection, comprehensive use, preservation and reproduction of natural resources;
  • d) running state cadastre of land, waters, flora and fauna;
  • e) conducting by nature users a primary account of natural resources, emissions and wastes of polluting substances, industrial, household wastes and other harmful impacts (except for physical impacts) on environment;
  • and in conjunction with State Forecast and Statistics Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers implementation of a reliability examination of the state statistical reports on nature protection and use of natural resource;
  • f)use of water resources, compliance with the established norms, rules and regimes of water use;
  • protection of surface and ground waters from pollution, contamination and exhaustion, and also implementation of water protection measures in coastal areas (zones) of water facilities;
  • g) inspection of the use by the land owners and users of plots to check the compliance with those purposes, for which they were given, and implementation by them of measures on soils protection;
  • h) restoration of land given for a temporary usage and exhausted during construction activities, mining of minerals and other impacts, to condition suitable for further use;
  • i) ensuring preservation of wood resources, valuable natural landscapes, and also water protection, water-management, field protection and other protective functions for foresting;
  • j)undertaking activities on nature reservation, providing a status of a specially protected natural territories;
  • k) protection of state hunting fund, observance of rules on hunting;
  • l) consideration of other questions in the field of nature protection and use of natural resources stipulated by the legislation.

Main tasks of Gozkompriroda of the Republic of Uzbekistan are as follows:

  • realization of the state control over protection of environment, use and reproduction of natural resources;
  • realization of comprehensive inter-industry management of nature protection activity;
  • development and implementation of a uniform nature protection and resource saving policy;
  • ensuring stable ecological status of environment, improvement of ecological conditions.
  • carrying out a comprehensive administration of nature protection activity on the basis of wide use mainly of economic methods of environment protection and use of natural resources, stimulation of universal application of resource saving, little pollution and clean technologies, reuse of manufacturing and consumer wastes, application of achievements scientifically - technical progress in the field of environment protection and use of natural resources;
  • carrying out state ecological examination of drafts programs, concepts, main directions and schemes of location and development of productive facilities, draft and design documentation, instructive-methodological and normative -technical documents, ecological situation in individual regions, sites and existing facilities, as well as of new technology, materials and substances affecting on environment;
  • developing a structure, content and procedure of a monitoring of environment; forming and conducting together with the ministries, state committees and other bodies concerned a uniform republican ecological information database about a state of pollution and other harmful influences on environment, and use of natural resources;
  • considers within the framework of given authority materials on administrative offences in the field of nature protection and use of natural resources and imposes penalties and other administrative fines, and if necessary forwards materials for a consideration to law-enforcement bodies.
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