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Specially protected natural areas

Baday-Tugai State Reserve - with an area of 6,462 hectares, it is home to 91 species of birds including rare species such as the Egypt vulture and white head owl, 15 species of mammals such as hyenas, wild sheep, bald badger, and porcupine, and, 15 species of fishes.

Chatkal Reserve - this narrow, unspoilt gorge situated in the western Tien-Shan and with an area of 35,000 hectares, contains snow tigers, the rare Tien-Shan grey bear, the Berkut eagle and about 600 species of flora.

Ferghana Valley - this picturesque valley is located in the eastern part of Uzbekistan and stretches 300km from east to west and 170km from north to south. Its mild climate has made it an area favourable for agriculture with focus on the production on cotton, silk and other agricultural crops. In ancient times, the exceptional flora of the region gave the Valley the name "Golden Valley". It seems that Ferghana Valley was first settled over 5,000 years ago and by the 6th - 4th centuries BC, it had already established cultural relations with South and South-Western civilizations. The valley's cultural attractions include its long history and handicrafts in silk, ceramics, and woodcarvings.

Gissar State Reserve - 870 species o plants and approximately 140 species of animals inhabit the 81,000 hectares of the reserve.

Kyzylkum State Reserve - established in 1971 on a network of Amudarya islands in the Khorezm and Bukhara Regions, it is home to a variety of wild cats, wolves, foxes, wild boars, reintroduced Bukharan deer, and the desert monitor.

Nurata Mountainous Nut-Fruit Nature Reserve - comprises a mountainous territory of 22,500 hectares, with rivers, gorges, massive rocks with a combined semi-desert and forest vegetation including walnut trees, wild apple trees, plum trees, mulberry trees and cherry plums. The highest point is 2,100m above sea-level.

Surkhan State Reserve - once home to the tiger, it now accommodates several species of wild cats, wolves, foxes, jackals, and Bukharan deer. A famous Islamic prophet is buried on the island and the location is sacred to the Muslim world.

Zaamin Mountainous Forest (Juniper) Reserve - with an area of 10,500 hectares, the alpine juniper forests are home to over 700 species of plants under protection and an impressive variety of birds and animals including wolves, foxes, bears, lynxes, snow leopards, and several species of raptors. It is the oldest reserve in Uzbekistan.

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