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Tashkent regional administration

Address: 17, Amir Temur str., Mirabad district, Tashkent, 100060, Republic of Uzbekistan
Phones: +998 (71) 233-6716, +998 (71) 236-7300

Territory: 15.2 thousand sq. km.
Population: 2.5 million.
Administrative centre: city of Tashkent
Districts:  Bekabad, Buka, Bustonliq, Zangiata, Oqqurgan, Okhangaron, Parkent, Piskent, Tashkent, Chinaz, Yuqori Chirchiq, Yangiyol, Orta Chirchik, Qibray, Quyi Chirchik

Geographical location: The Tashkent region is in the eastern part of Uzbekistan, in the valley of the Chirchiq and Okhangaron rivers. The region borders with the Republic of Kazakhstan in the north, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in the northeast, the Namangan region in the east, the Republic of Tajikistan in the south and the Syrdarya region in the southwest.

Major cities: Chirchiq, Almaliq, Angren Bekabad, Yangiyol, Parkent, Piskent, Okhangaron, Keles, Chinaz.
The administrative centre of the Tashkent region is the city of Tashkent, which in turn constitutes a separate administrative and territorial unit.

The Tashkent region is one of the most economically developed regions Uzbekistan. The region is rich in various natural resources, including hydro resources, wood, flora and fauna and also minerals. There is gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, molybdenum, uranium, coal, granite, marble and lime stone. One of three largest coal mines in Uzbekistan is in the Angren area, which is in the region’s territory.

The Tashkent region is also one of the most industrially developed regions of Uzbekistan. There about 90 large industrial joint-stock companies “Olmaliq tog-metallurgiya kombinati” mining company, “Angren sement kombinati” company, The Tashkent hydroelectric power station, the Okhangaron  hydroelectric power station, “SanoatQalinQog’ozSavdo” joint-stock company, “O’zmetalKombinati” joint-stock company to name a few.

The gross regional product of the Tashkent region in the first quarter of 2007 exceeded UZS 365.8 industry accounts for 38.3% of the gross regional product, agriculture-12.5%, transport and communications-13.9%, trade and public catering- 9.5%, other sectors- 25.8%.

By April, 1, 2007 industrial companies in the Tashkent region manufactured products exceeding UZS 563.1 billion. Light industry, metallurgy, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering and metal processing, construction, food-processing industry, polygraphs, etc. became major economic actors in the sector. In the same period, consumer goods amounting to UZS 106.9 billion were produced.

Various measures are being taken to set up additional manufacturing units locally. There are 14 different companies “Angren sement kombinati”, “ChirchiqQishloqMash”, “Gidravlika”, “O’zbekKimyoMash” joint-stock company ,”AngrenMash”, “AkkuMashServis” , to name just a few, which are part of a special programme to increase production in the Tashkent region.

The agricultural sector also plays an important role in the economy. In 2007, there were more 8500 farms in the Tashkent region and they have been increasing. Measures are being taken to develop cattle breeding in the region. In the first quarter of 2007, a total of UZS 625.4 million in credit was granted to farmers for the purchase of thoroughbred cows.

Trade and services are yet other rapidly growing sectors of the region’s economy. Retail trading in the first quarter of 2007 amounted to UZS 1033.0 billion, services rendered to the public amounted to UZS 183.0 billion.
The Tashkent region plays a special in Uzbekistan’s foreign trade. In the first quarter of 2007 foreign trade volume in the region amounted to almost USD 377.0 million. Exports accounted for USD 262.2 million and imports for USD 114.7 million. Major trading partner countries are Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Iran, Germany, the Ukraine, Afghanistan, and China among others.

It is also worth mentioning the beautiful recreation zones Chimgan, Charvak, Qumushkan, Beldersay, Aqtash, Birchmulla, located in the mountainous and foothill areas of the Tashkent region, where tens of thousand of people, including tourists, go every year to relax.

The social sphere is also important. There are about 900 schools, 4 academic lyceums, more than 70 professional colleges and 2 higher educational institutions in the Tashkent region. There are about 100 polyclinics functioning in the sphere of public health services.

In the last elections to the bicameral parliament and local kengashes of people’s deputies Tashkent region elected:

  • 6 members of the Senate;
  • 12 deputies of the Legislative Chamber;
  • 590 deputies to Kengashes of people’s deputies of districts;
  • 57 deputies to the Kengash of people’s deputies of the region.

There are  more than 730 NGO’s , more than 40 publications in print  “Toshkent haqiqati”, “Tashkentskaya pravda” ,”Chirchiq”, “Davr ovozi” are registered in the region. There also a broadcasting company functioning in the region.

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